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04.10.2012: Friendly post card from Thailand from a couple of longbikers on an intercontinental trip

Our customers regularly testify to the high quality of Fateba's longbike. We also see it firsthand when our traveling customers bring their bikes in for a check-up and maintenance in our shop. Sometimes we also hear stories like the following one which amaze us.

Laura and Benoît are a young couple from the french speaking part of Switzerland (Suisse romande in french) on a long trip in Asia with his father's longbike and the longbike of an acquaintance. We were able to check the bikes' wheels shortly before they took off and quite frankly, our wheel requirements for such a trip would have been much stricter than those of the couple. Old Canti brakes, a 3x7 gears derailleur, thin 28'' by 37mm, basically yesteryear's equipment. The couple didn't let itself be contaminated by our skepticism. Then, after 6 months on the road, they sent us this friendly and beautiful postcard:

Laura Longbike Thailand
Laura Thailand Karte Vorderseite

01.10.2012: "Der Landbote" showcases Fateba in a show

The Landbote, Winterthur's local newspaper, produces reports on companies who produce goods in Winterthur, who make the name of the city shine in the world. In the 5 th  installment of the series "made in Winterthur", the Landbote dressed the portrait of Fateba on January 10, 2012. The meticulously redacted article can be seen here...

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