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BionX - Electromobility


Today, over 300,000 customers throughout the world are "powered by BionX". The electromobility conversion equipment market leader announces new conversion systems. More on BionX's website...



Rohloff- Speedhub 500/14 - Speedhub 500/14 – Hub with 14 integrated gears


In 1986, Barbara and Bernd Rohloff created their company and manufactured with a machine they themselves built their first product: the "S-L-T-99". In 1996 Rohloff presented the "speedhub 500/14", the first hub with integrated gears. This hub could replace a chain system with 27 gears. Chain manufacturing began in 1999. The expensive and complex Speedhub meets all expectancies in terms of quality, life expectancy and especially in terms of wear. To this day, 100,000 hubs with 14 integrated gears have been manuctured.



Bumm - Busch + Müller


Innovative manufacturer of bicycle and motorbike safety gear. The most powerful headlights and the most visible rear lights come from B+M. Quality made in Germany.



Magura - the passion people


In 1987 Magura launched its hydraulic brake for bicycles. Since then, this company has distinguished itself with reliable products made in the Black Forest in Germany.

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