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Veloland Suisse - Everything about bicycle rides in Switzerland



Les véloroutes et voies vertes de France (The bikeroutes and green trails of France)



slowUp - Auto free regional discovery days


SlowUp's recipe is as simple asn sit is convincing: identify about 30 kilometers of roads in an attractive part of the country, close the roads for a day to all motorized traffic and plan an activities' program along the route. This gives way to a different kind of party where everyone finds something to enjoy in a joyous atmosphere and an auto free environment, whether you are young or not so young, with your family or single, enjoy movement or contemplation.

The slowUp courses are flat whenever possible. The rythm and the distance traveled may be chosen individually. To go to and from these events, we recommend traveling by bicycle, rollerskates or public transportation. Participating at these events is free of charge.

SlowUp's success story is impressive. The first slowUp event in Switzerland was held in 2000 around lake Morat under the "Human Powered Mobility" project of Expo.02. In just a few years, this idea has become a national event, one of the most popular in terms of active participation. Each year, over 400,000 people take part in one of the 18 slowUp events (count of 2012) organized in Switzerland.



Warm Showers - A community for touring cyclists and hosts

The Warm Showers Community is a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists. People who are willing to host touring cyclists sign up and provide their contact information, and may occasionally have someone stay with them and share great stories and a drink.



bikeRontheroad - Ron McGerity's website


Ron McGerity is most likely the longbiker who has traveled the most kilometers in the most countries and continents on his longbike:

> 50 countries
> 4 continents
> 100,000 km

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