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Chariot - Children trailers


Chariot Inc. was founded in 1992 by the Britton brothers in Calgary, Canada. Chariot only makes children trailers. It is therefore not surprising that there expertise in that field has made them rise head and shoulders about the competition. Chariot Inc. employs about 100 people and can claim bragging rights of beiong the market leader in North America and Europe. Since 2011, Chariot belongs to the Thule group, world leader in automobile roof racks.



Croozer - Bike trailers for children, dogs and merchandise


The Croozer product range was developed with the intention of meeting a family's typical budget. The Croozer trailers are basic but come with everything needed. A 10 year warranty on the frame underlines the company's will to manufacture products that are not only unexpensive but durable as well.



Bob Yak - Bike Trailers - Single wheel trailers


The (unofficial) standard for traveling trailers is definitely Bob Yak. The simple and innovative idea of the "single track" trailer originated in Philip Novotny's mind. This plane mechanic manufactured this trailer in small batches in his San Luis Obispo, California workshop under the company name "Beast of Burden". In 1991, Roger Malinowski, expert in the bicycle field, recognized this product's potential. Together they created the B.o.B Trailers Inc. company. They patented the attachment from the Yak to the bicycle's rear wheel and moved the production facility to Asia. Today, the company's headquarters are located in Boise, Idaho, USA.



Burley - Trailer Cycles, Child Trailers, Pet Trailers and Cargo Trailers


In 1978, Alan Scholz was manufacturing bags that he sold at the farmers' market in Eugene, Oregon, USA. In order to transport his bags from his home to the market, he built a trailer. Nowadays, Burley Design is a leading child trailer and cargo trailer manufacturer.



Vitelli - Trailers made in Switzerland


Jörg Vitelli's company is called Vitelli Velobedarf SA. Jörg, a precursor in the bicycle field in Switzerland has actively influenced the popularization of the bicycle in his country on the political side as well as on the business side as a bicycle accessories importer. From the beginning, trailers were an important part of his product range. He was the first, in the late 80's, to import child trailers from the USA. Jörg Vitelli develops his own trailers and has them manufactured in Switzerland. The Vitelli camping trailer is nowadays a classic among his trailer range.

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