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Fateba is a sponsor

To travel 100 kilometers in an hour using nothing but muscular strength; this is the goal that a team of students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich has set for itself. The project's name is "cieo" and is comprised of ten students majoring in various scientific fields. They are in their 5 th  or 6 th  semester and want to showcase the theoretical knowledge they have acquired. An ambitious goal: to beat the endurance record of 74.51 kilometers (on a tandem) and 91.55 kilometers (solo) with "human power" as well as reaching 100 kilometers in under 60 minutes! At this time, they are in the planning phase. The team isn't quite sure of all the details yet but one thing is for certain: it is with a tandem bike that they are hoping to reach their goals. This decision is based on a simple observation: two cyclists deploymore power than one does. For a tandem however, the mechanics are more complicated, the bike is longer, higher and heavier than a single seater. Are their projections right? We can't wait to find out!

Projekt cieo

Fateba sponsors the project and supplies the athletes of the team with 2 training bikes. The decision was made to use HP Velotechnik's "speedmachine". These two bikes are for the members of the team who will pedal onboard cieo's prototype in their attempt to beat the endurance record.

Speedmachine von HP Velotechnik

Thanks to the cyclist's flat stance and elevated pedals, the speedmachine offers a decisive advantage in terms of aerodynamics. The low center of gravity, the direct steering and the central shock absorber guarantee an excellent handling on the road even at high speeds. The speedmachine is a successful mix between a training machine and a leisurely vehicle. The record seeking pilots of the EPFZ's team will be able to train on the speedmachines and hence contribute in the pursuit of the coveted goal.

More on the project: www.cieo.ch .
More on the speedmachine: www.hpvelotechnik.com .

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