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Manufacturing at Fateba's

Denis Uzelac beim Löten

Frame manufacturing – a rare craftsmanship

There are few people in Switzerland who earn a living manufacturing bike frames. Chinese and Taiwanese workers dominate this field. Moreover the path to acquiring the manufacturing know-how is not easy. No training program or apprenticeship exist for this craft. Journeys of frame manufacturers are nowadays usually rich in color.

A frame manufacturing workshop requires machining tools for working with aluminium and steel tubes. Drilling, turning, milling, sawing and soldering. All these activities must be perfectly mastered. To make Fateba longbikes, knowing how to bend the tubes requires expertise (seat and rack). Thus a frame builder is more of a generalist than a specialist and can look forward to a diversified and demanding profession.

Denis Uzelac beim Rohr-Anfräsen

Denis Uzelac – Frame manufacturer

After completing his apprenticeship as a metal worker and having gained some experience, Dennis was hired by Fateba in 1999 and learned to specialize in bikes under Alois Bachmann. At the time, Denis already knew how to make handsome joints. He nevertheless had to get used to working with the precision required of the thin-walled tubes used for longbikes. He had to learn how to work with margins that he hadn't known before: his jobs had to be precise to the tenth of a millimeter. Denis had to struggle at the beginning to reach such precision.

Our praises for his individually-made or series-made frames have always been subject to reservation. Praises are only justified once th bike has faced its daily use for many years. After more than a decade of maufacturing several hundreds of faultless frames, it is really time to congratulate Denis Uzelac for his work.

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