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The idea for the longbike

We share the idea of an elongated bicycle with other people from our time as well as with ancestors from a time long gone.

This picture of an elongated bicycle perfectly finalized in terms of its shape comes from private archives in Suisse romande. The construction of this bike is attributed to Challand, the pioneer of long bikes, and should date back to 1895. Urs Schuler of Arisdorf sent this picture to us. Many Thanks!

From saddle to seat

The saddle always hurts

"In the same way one makes his bed, one lays in it" says the proverb. We can therefore choose how we lay. On a bicycle it all depends on the saddle. And if that one hurts, we shorten the trip. Or we clench our teeth like real athletes. Is there really no alternative to the saddle?

Lean back to move forward

The alternative is the longbike. Because with the longbike everything is different. We sit on a suspended seat with a high back rest. We can let our arms fall alongside the body and our hands grip the handlebars. We slightly raise a leg. We set foot on a pedal. A firm push and it rolls. The journey may begin.


The longbikes by Fateba are travel limos. They are comfortable with great road handling and incredibly manoeuvrable. But they also are sports machines because who wants to go forward needs to be highly productive. Who wants to go faster than the others will have to train regularly. However you shouldn't measure performance the rigid way in terms of kilometers per hour but rather in terms of pleasure per second.


Up to now we haven't yet spoken of the longbiker's most astonishing experience: his viewspan. It's about what we see when we are on a bike. The normal cyclist on a standard bicycle tends to let his eyes focus on the asphalt just ahead of the front wheel: a rather dull task. On the contrary with his relaxed positioning, the longbiker's eyes are naturally drawn to the horizon, the sky and the landscape. His focusing point is that of a panoramic view, not a piece of asphalt.


The longer the trip is, the more the longbiker's senses will register positive impressions, additionally the less the longbiker will think about his physical effort. When he gets off his longbike after a few hours he will feel his knees, maybe even his quadriceps. However, he will at the same time have a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. A shower, a meal and he will feel rested and ready for further business.

Experience it for yourself

If you want to see for yourself what it means to ride a longbike, you can come by and try it or even rent one for a few days. Contact us!

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