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The longbike L3 commuter by Fateba

The L3 commuter is meant for those who need a secure, robust and low maintenance vehicle for every day use. Moreover, to comfortably and seamlessly go from point A to point B on holiday as well as on evening rides, the L3 commuter will answer all your needs.

Rohloff's Speedhub 500/14 is a 14-speed transmission system found in the rear wheel's hub. This system is low maintenance and reliable in any weather. The switching of the gears happens through the use of a rotating gripshift located on one of the handlebars. The gears may be switched when the bike is moving as well as when it is not. The gear switching can encompass several gears at once which comes in really handy in gridlock traffic. If the rider must suddenly brake without having time to switch gears, the Rohloff system will allow the gears to be switched even when the bike is at a total standstill.

The chain tension system is not a derailleur. The latter has only one sprocket which comes with a choice of 15, 16 or 17 teeth. No, the chain adjuster doesn't do anything but tighten the chain. In fact, with normal use, without this tension system the chain would end up hanging, swinging, shaking and even derailing if it wasn't tight.

We use the 500/14 CC EX OEM Speedhub by Rohloff with integrated gears, in polished aluminium or anodized black. "CC" stands for Cross Country and means a quick tightening lever. "EX" stands for external command using a cable housing instead of a bayonet junction. This CC/EX variant allows for a quick rear wheel change by a quick tightening/loosening of the cable housing. This way the gears work properly and the mounting/unmounting becomes child's play.

By default, we combine the Rohloff hub with the HS33 hydraulic wheel brake by Magura. Instead of this, you may also choose a hydraulic disk brake option, for example by Shimano or Magura.

The integrated speed hub by Rohloff in the L3 commuter configuration allows you to go 1.56 meters by crankshaft rotation in the lowest gear and 8.25 meters in the highest.

The L3 commuter includes the L3 handlebars and the B handgrip inserts for the rotating gearshift of the Rohloff hub. Here on the left, the insert on the B handgrip is combined with the 4 finger HS33 brake lever by Magura.

On this picture we are able to see the tightening screw which allows to adjust the distance of the handgrip, hence the width of the handlebars. It is also with this screw that the incline of the handgrip can be adjusted.

In city traffic it is important to be able to see everything, so a good rearview mirror is essential. Our rearview mirror on the L3 commuter looks like a mechanical assembly but it does its job perfectly as it can be put into the exact setting that the longbiker wants. The rearview mirror can be folded back to protect it when the bike is parked. When it is used again, it automatically goes back to its preselected position.

In traffic you are seated higher on the L3 commuter than most car drivers on their seats. Inspite of that eye contact is established and the biker can better make himself understood. This situation is preferrable to the view on car roofs that conventional bikes too often offer.

The HS33 hydraulic wheel brake by Magura is the ideal answer for the L3 commuter. This brake requires little maintenance and is mighty sturdy. The enclosed system prevents mineral oil leaks but also water seepage, so the HS33 can not freeze. Moreover, whatever the length of the hydraulic sheath may be, braking is always applied with the same sensitivity.

Magura's hydraulic brake pads can be changed very easily. They do not have to be tediously adjusted and are attached with a simple click.

The little red wheel on the brake lever lets you adjust the moving range of the lever which tends to increase with brake pad wear.

A commuter vehicle worth its salt has to be equipped with the best available lighting system. As far as we are concerned, at this time the best one is the "deluxe" hub dynamo by Son combined with the IQ Cyo senso plus T, Busch+Müller's most powerful headlight. It is equipped with a day light which turns on automatically and a rear light which is always on. All of this is unbelievably sturdy.

At this time, at 390 grams, the Son hub dynamo is the lightest on the market. The most impressive feature of the dynamo is its low power consumption. When it is disengaged it only consumes 1 Watt. When engaged, it consumes 6 Watts. The difference is unnoticeable so many longbikers always ride with the lights on.

In our store we offer a vast array of supplies and accessories useful for the L3 commuter. One example is Ortlieb's "Downtown" saddlebag, which allows you to take a laptop and all kinds of other things with you to and from work. Of course, the "Downtown" is waterproof and available in black, white, green apple and aubergine.

For L3 commuter owners we also offer appropriate clothing for example waterproof pants and jackets made by Vaude.

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