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The longbike L3 e-commuter by Fateba

The L3 e-commuter is equipped with an auxiliary electric motor by BionX, the leader in bicycle electric motorisation. We've gained alot of experience with the BionX motors; since their launch on the market, their initial shortcomings have disappeared and we can heartily recommend them. One of these motors can also be mounted on existing longbikes. For the topography of Switzerland we recommend the PL-250HT by BionX or the brand new PL-250HT SL XL. Both motors contribute to the propulsion of the longbike up to a speed of 27 km/h, allowing us to guarantee a covered distance of 60 km in central Switzerland and even 100 km with the new SL model.

The BionX electric motors are brushless requiring no upkeep. These motors contain the latest technology such as the motor's contribution to the propulsion. In the rear axle is a torque sensor which measures the torsion the cyclist applies to the pedals. The chain conveys this pressure to the rear axle. The motor helps this force on the pedals by 25, 50, 100 or 200% depending on the rider's choice. During braking or downhill rides the BionX motor recuperates energy, becomes a dynamo and may increase the battery's use by up to 10%, What's more, the engine brake reduces the wear on the brakes. The fixing system between the derailleur and the motor is compatible with 7, 8 or 8 sprockets derailleurs, in other words 21, 24 and 27 gears.

With the battery, BionX's PL-250HT auxiliary electric system weighs in at 8.7 kg. Sso as not to affect the stability of the bikes, we've placed the battery lower than the center of gravity, below the lower frame tube. The lithium-manganese battery, with its 37 V and 9.6 Ah, is comprised of 60 cells. There is also an option for an electrical outlet, which allows the lighting system to be powered by the battery, making the need for a dynamo obsolete.

The BionX command box is located on the frame's top tube. Using a button placed on either handgrip, the rider can choose the rate at which the electric engine should contribute (25, 50, 100 or 200% of the force applied on the pedals). During downhill rides, the contribution rate of the engine brake can be adjusted in the same way (also with 4 levels). With the brake engine switched on at the highest level, the rider can let go of the L3 e-pendler's brake levers while keeping a reasonable downhill speed.

The computer's screen is backlit so it can be used in the dark. The charge rate is also displayed on this screen and if it blinks, it is time to recharge the battery.

The screen also displays the speed, the trip distance and the trip's duration.

We recommend the "streamer" windshield for year-roud riders. It is produced by HP Velotechnik. With a few modifications, it perfectly suits the L3 e-commuter as well as Fateba's other longbikes. The rear view can also easily be attached to it. As for the BionX command screen, it is handily attached at eye level on the windshield.

Including the fixtures, HP Velotechnik's Streamer windshield weighs 2.2 kg. In compensation for the extra weight, the rider is protected from wind and rain and needs neither waterproof shoes nor pants.

The streamer is made of lexan, a sturdy material which in the event of a fall or an accident will bend instead of breaking into a thousand pieces. It thus serves as an additional buffer for security. The headlight has been placed above the front mudguard where it is most effective.

A stable stand is an important feature of any e-bike. For the L3 e-commuter we use the universally recognized Hebie side stand.

With optional attachments, all kinds of trailers for children of materials can be pulled by longbikes. In our store, we carry the following lines of trailers: Chariot, Burley, Croozer and Weber. We're also familiar with Leggeros and Vitelli trailers. Contact us if you need help putting them together!

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