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The longbike L3 rider by Fateba

The fully equipped L3 rider is available at a very reasonable price. It offers the same sensations of comfort as the L3 tourer does. Its equipment however is more basic than the L3 tourer's which has speedbike handlebars and gear shifters located lower so it's easier to get used to.

The L3 rider features SRAM's Dual-Drive derailleur and chain hub. A 3-speed gearbox rests inside the rear wheel's hub. This gearbox can be used in motion as well as at a standstill thanks to a rotating handlebar grip. The gears inside the hub correspond to the 3 front chainrings found on the tourer or on any mountain bike. This way, the L3 rider has a single front chainring.

The 9-speed rear wheel derailleur allows to fine tune the pedalling speed into an optimal and regular rythm whatever the whims of the road ahead may be.

The Dual-Drive's lowest gear makes the bike move forward 1.7 meters per rotation of the crank gear and the highest gear makes it advance 9.8 meters.

On the L3 rider the handlebars can be customized according to your wishes. Represented on our right is a variation for those who want or need to do handle all of the funtions with a single hand: on the top of the picture we have the lever to switch between the 9 gears of the rear wheel's derailleur. On the bottom we have the rotating gripswitch for the transmission to the rear wheel's hub's 3 gears. Under the handlebar, the lever of the rear wheel's powerful V-shaped brake.

Another possibility would be to have the 9 gear switch on the right handlebar and the rotating gripswitch on the left handlebar.

A rearview mirror can be mounted on the handlebar which does not carry the 9 gear lever. A lever for Magura's hydraulic brake could be mounted instead of the lever of the V-shaped brake.

For the L3 rider we've planned simple V-shaped brakes which have gained their spurs.

Since the L3 rider is a fully equipped longbike it comes with a top notch lighting system. As the power source is Shimano's reliable DH-3N30 hub dynamo. Thanks to a rather small front wheel (18''), the hub dynamo runs a bit faster than it would on a traditional bike (more power generated for the same distance). The light's intensity is therefore very good even at a slow speed. With Busch+Müller's LYT LED light we achieve a balanced and optimal lighting system with automated engagement and sidelight.

Also from Busch+Müller, the proven rear light Seculite consists of a LED and a sidelight. We wire all lighting systems with two-wire cables laid next to the brakes' transmission lines in protective sheaths.

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