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The longbike L3 tourer by Fateba

The travel limo longbike with character in its purest form. The L3 tourer consists of several genes: robustness, handling, fast, able to overcome any hill, durable, low maintenance – and very very pleasant to use even when completely loaded!

The L3 tourer ready to go on a big trip. Here with panniers and two bags under the handlebars. With 4 bottlestands fit for 1.5 liter PET bottles, an iPhone (with its navigation system) stand hooked to a charging station powered by dynamo. The luggage rack is still available for instance for a trekking backpack that can easily be attached to the back rest.

The L3 tourer is currently equipped with a 27-speed shimano derailleur. Gears are changed through a Shimano SL-BS77-9 switch. The detent mechanism of this switch lever can be deactivated. Should this mechanism fail, or if a bad cassette was mounted during the trip, it is always possible to switch gears manually. With a little practice, it works really well and the trip may go on.

The handlebars may be held in several ways and fit perfectly in the hands. The grip handles can be adjusted along the handlebars. In other words, the length of the handlebars may be adapted. It is also possible to adjust the grip handles' tilt. The handlebars may also move forward or backwards alongside the top tube on which it is anchored. In case of a fall or of a mishandling, the handlebars can bend in and avoid becoming twisted. The grip handle's cavity on top of the break lever is very practical as it can be used as an armrest. The L3 tourer can easily be controlled with a single hand.

The Fateba longbikes are steered in an indirect way. The handlebars' displacement is passed on to the front fork through a steering bar. A 1 centimeter displacement of the handlebars results in a displacement of the front wheel of 1.5 cm. Displacements of the handlebars are therefore amplified which confers agility and superior handling to the tourer.

The tourer's braking is Shimano's BR-R505 diskbrake's job. This brake is technologically speaking without any pretention but is powerful enough to tame the sensitive front wheel. The braking power is transmitted from the lever on the handlebar to the diskbrake through a cable inside a sheath. The front wheel's braking disk measures 160 mm in diameter. The spacing between the two brake pads and the disk can be adjusted with an allen key.

On the longbike, the rear brake is way more effective than the front brake. During a hard braking, the rear wheel does not incur a loss of load the way it happens with conventional bicycles. The rear wheel doesn't lift. It keeps its grip on the road and delivers 100% of the braking power. The BR-505 diskbrake acts on a 180mm diameter disk. Two types of brakepads are available: resin pads or Sinter metal pads.

The braking's effectiveness relies on Jagwire's extremely rigid sheaths. We chose them after many tests on all kinds of sheaths available on the market. The laying of the sheath along the frame and its path are also very important in guaranteeing a good braking. With this setup we reach a more than reasonable braking power level without having to deal with hydraulic braking systems which are technically complicated.

The L3 tourer comes standardly equipped with our lightweight but stable aluminium carrier. It is almost as wide as the seat's backrest and utilises all the free space behind the seat. It is attached to the backrest's two props with two aluminium girdles. No matter what the incline of the backrest you choose, the carrier can always remain horizontal by adjusting the girdles.

This frame is the auxiliary carrier which fits under the seat and the handlebars in the lower portion of the bike's frame. It can carry a dry bag on each side of the bike, for instance Ortlieb's Dry bag PS490 in either size XS (13 liters) or in size S (22 liters).

Instead of dry bags, it is also possible to attach a handlebars' bag support to the auxiliary rack like for instance this click-fix model shown on the right.

According to their needs, some people combine the handlebars' bag on one side and the dry bag on the other side of the auxiliary rack.

The bags are high enough as to never touch the ground, even if the bike is inclined in a tight curve.

We naturally recommend using dry bags made of tarp so they are easily washable. It can be a dusty ride under the seat.

The L3 tourer's standard equipment does not include any lighting equipment. However, such equipment is available as an option. For instance on the left, the variant with the Son-deluxe hub dynamo. A small and lightweight dynamo worth its weight in gold.

If you choose the hub dynamo then why not also install the Busch+Müller E-Werk? The E-Werk is powered by the dynamo's current and can charge a cell phone, a GPS, an MP3 player etc. This way, on a long trip away from any electrical outlets, it is still possible to remain connected.

But look out: due to oscilliations in the voltage, some devices may only be charged with the help of a battery buffer which is available in our accesories.

The Edelux LED headlight by Son sheds a beautifully clear and homogeneous light. For an efficient and durable running, the LED diode is mounted on a copper heat sink which transfers the heat to the aluminium casing. The Edelux has an automatic sensor: as soon as it's dark, the lighting system switches on automatically. Even if the bike is not in motion, the lights stay on for obvious security reasons.

Fateba mounts the headlight on the fork. This way, the longbike may be set on the ground upside down without affecting the headlight. The bike then lays on the two ends of the backrest's tubes and the front of the bike. In this position, switching wheels is as easy as 1-2-3.

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