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Longbikes by Fateba


Since 1984

It is in our shop located at 1, Oberen Deutweg in Winterthur that since 1984 we have been neatly handcrafting the longbikes in small batches.

To this day we have sold about 1,500 longbikes, always directly to the customer, that is to say without any middlemen.

This direct sales practice massively restricts the potential markets. However, as long as we will hand make the frames and parts on site, our production capacity is and will be greatly limited. Furthermore, we appreciate direct contact with the longbikers. We are delighted when we hear about unforgettable experiences and beautiful moments on the bike. A friendship has also developed with many of our customers.

Many of our longbikes are brought to our shop for maintenance work. In this way, we discover how they age through time and rough weather which helps to continuously improve our product. We also listen to our customers' suggestions and wishes. We naturally want to produce the best possible longbike.

We present to you our current models' selection.

Longbikes for rides
Our long bike likes long rides. It will take you across continents coast to coast or from a cape to another. The Toureur L3 is designed like the limo of traveling: comfortable, reliable and robust.

Longbikes for fun
For fun rides on Sunday or just scouring your territory, for many occasions, what you need is a longbike perfectly equipped with tried and trusted classical accessories.

Longbikes for every day
The goal doesn't always have to be a pass in the Alps or Andalousia. The commute to work also gains in quality with a Fateba longbike. The Pendulaire L3 is designed as such a means of daily transportation: low maintenance, practical and reliable.

with auxilliary electric motor
The poweful auxilliary electric motor by BionX gets rid of the peak uphill efforts and reduces the trip's duration. The E-Pendulaire (E-Commuter) L3 is for this reason ideal for active commuters. It is available as a pedelec (max speed of 27 km/hr and autonomy of 60 km) or as an e-bike (max speed of 45 km/hr and autonomy of 25 km).

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