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The longbike L3



The Fateba longbikes are elongated bicycles with the handlebars under the seat. This location was originally the handlebars' most common location on this type of bike. Nowadays, bikes with seats (as opposed to bikes with saddles) either have the handlebars in low or high position and are for the most part shorter than the Fateba longbike. Some people think shorter bikes are preferrable to longer bikes. But how can we compare apples to oranges? Both taste good and both are healthy. In what follows, we will present our oranges' advantages. - As for the apples, follow this link.


With the longbike, everything seems upside down. The frame is long. The front wheel is smaller than the rear wheel. The handlebars are under the seat. All that in an effort to avoid pedaling in precarious balance and uncomfortably on a narrow and tiny saddle. As the first automobile drivers used to sit on wood planks, today's car drivers enoy comfortable seats. The longbike brings the same kind of evolution to cycling. The longbike's concept is closer to sliding than it is to horseriding. A sliding motion powered by your own power: that's what Fateba's longbike offers unlike any conventional bike. To comfortably slide thanks to your own power: sit, lean on the back rest, relax, admire the scenery and through a steady pedaling, count the kilometers down.


The sieging seat.

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