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Pro Velo Suisse - Swiss umbrella organization for the defense of cyclists' interests


PRO VELO Suisse is the nfational umbrella organization for the cyclists' interests. PRO VELO Suisse is an organization which counts 39 regional organizations from all over Switzerland. PRO VELO has two main goals: first, the improvement of the conditions for bicycle riding whether it be a daily commute or as a hobby. Bicycle riding must be safe, attractive, fast and straightforward. Secondly, the
increase of the number of cyclists on the roads, of the number of trips taken on bicycles and of the number of kilometers traveled.



ATE- Association Transport et Environnement - For a new mobility


The ATE (The Association for Transports and Environment) has been working since 1979 on developing the mobility of the future. It proposes innovative and relevant ideas for the environment and mobility. Counting 111,200 members, the ATE pledges to answer the mobility needs of its members. It advocates a mix of the transportation means. Cars, trams, bikes, buses and walking must be complementary and work together. The ATE guides its transportation politics' work on the improvement of public transportation, the optimization of road safety and the reduction of the emissions that are harmful to health.



IHPVA - International Human Powered Vehicles Association



Human Powered Vehicles - France



Human Powered Vehicles - Switzerland

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